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Year 6

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Please see here for the latest Year 6 updates and recent events. All letters for this year group can be found at the link at the bottome of the page.

PGL 2022

Thursday's news

We were up bright and early and fortified with a cooked breakfast of bacon, hash browns, mushrooms and baked beans we set off for the first of our day’s activities - a selection of multisports where we competed as a year group using our athletic skills. Then we moved onto our individual activities  which included raft building. In the baking heat we all welcomed the opportunity to take a refreshing dip in the lake.

Our evening activity tested our scientific, engineering and creativity knowledge and skills. We had to use cardboard boxes, string and sellotape to create a container which would protect a water balloon from bursting when it was dropped from the abseiling tower. We were very impressed that two of our designs worked!

Tomorrow is our last day, and although we will miss the fun of being with our friends, many of us are looking forward to coming home - and catching up with some sleep!


Wednesday's news

Another day dawned; blue sky, sunny and hot. Just perfect for canoeing - it was almost a pleasure to take a dip…and we did! We also tested ourselves with climbing: Jacob’s Ladder, Vertical Challenge and a climbing wall! A long and successful day, which culminated in a singsong at a traditional campfire. (More fragrant washing on its way!) 

Tomorrow brings raft building and some of us will be battling the heat in the fencing arena. Everyone is having a lovely time.


Tuesday's news

The morning started warm and bright and the fabulous weather continued throughout the day. The children have done 5 activities including for some, the much anticipated giant swing. The screams could probably be heard in Tylers Green! We have been extremely impressed with how they have approached the tasks and organised themselves.

Some children enjoyed relaxing in their spare time with a little yoga session while others preferred a more active game of football. 

The evening gave them an opportunity to develop their creative sides with photograph and video challenges. 

All children were ready for a good night’s sleep with everyone looking forward to canoeing tomorrow.


Monday's news

Year 6 children have had a wonderful start to PGL Liddington with glorious weather and an interesting range of activities to begin our week. The groups have experienced two activities from aeroball, abseiling, crate challenge, vertical challenge and fencing. We have accommodation in a lovely new purpose-built block overlooking the lakes on one side and woodland on the other. We’ve even spotted wild rabbits! Everyone has eaten well and settled into their rooms and are looking forward to tomorrow’s action-packed day.