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Year 4

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Please see here for the latest Year 4 updates and recent events. All letters for this year group can be found at the link below.

Egyptian day 2019 


Every year the Year 4 classes look forward to Egyptian day in great anticipation. Over the course of the day, the children participate in a number of activities that bring what they have been learning in topic lessons to life! This year the children took part in a cooking class where they made traditional flat breads and a lightly spiced lentil dish and they enjoyed a dance lesson taught by a professional dancer. During this class, the children also learnt about the music and instruments that were played in the time of the pharaohs. Egyptian day is of course not complete without an arts and crafts session, this year they made collars decorated in traditional colours.


At the end of the day, the children performed their routines to an audience of parents, carers and friends. Some of the children also performed the poems they had written in English which were inspired by Egyptian animals. They all did a fantastic job, well done!

Photographs from Egyptian Day 2019

Art and DT


Autumn 1


The children researched ancient Egyptian art and traditional patterns. They also learnt about 3D nets and practiced using a number of decorating techniques in order to design and create an embellished box.

Egyptian Boxes - Art

Autumn 2 - Torches


Over the course of the first half term, the children learnt all about electricity in science. They developed the skills to make circuits using a number of components. To build on this, the DT project was to research, design and make a torch using a simple circuit containing a bulb, battery and switch made from split pins and a paper clip. The torch was used to explore and excavate a pharaoh's tomb containing treasures the children made such as chariots, perfume bottles and cat statues.