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Please see here for the latest Year 4 updates and recent events. All letters for this year group can be found at the link below.

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Egyptian day 6th October 2022 


Every year the Year 4 classes look forward to Egyptian day in great anticipation. Over the course of the day, the children will participate in a number of activities that bring what they have been learning in topic lessons to life! 


Now is the time to start thinking costumes. Will you come as a Pharoah, a mummy or even a cat! The choice is yours. A letter will will sent out nearer the time with more details. 



Photographs from Egyptian Day 2019

Art and DT


Autumn 1


This term, the children will be recreating ancient Egyptian art and traditional patterns. They will then use these to create Egyptian portraits using a side profile of themselves and oil pastels. Its awesome fun!


Following that, the children will be creating their very own canopic jars by upcycling a pringles cube. What better container is there for an organ or two!

Autumn 2 - Torches


Over the course of the first half term, the children will learn all about electricity in science. They will develop their skills to make circuits using a number of components. To build on this, their DT project for Autumn 2 is to research, design and make a torch using a simple circuit containing a bulb, battery and switch made from split pins and a paper clip. Torches were used to explore and excavate a pharaoh's tomb. The children will also make cat statues and other artifacts that may have been found in the tombs. 

Torches from previous years