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Year 4

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Welcome to Year 4

Please see here for the latest Year 4 updates and recent events. All letters for this year group can be found at the link below.

Meeting the teacher PPT September 2022

Curriculum map 2022-2023

Class timetables

Ashmolean Trip Autumn 2  2022


In line with our Autumn Topic on the Ancient Egyptians, the children had an awesome day at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. 


Once we arrived the children were placed into groups and some began to explore the many artefacts using their Egyptian Explorer packs while others participated in the Egyptian Detective Workshop.

The children loved exploring the many rooms and displays but especially loved the Egyptian tomb and sarcophagus.


The sarcophagus was an important part of an elaborate burial process. Ancient Egyptians believed that they would live on in an afterlife. They prepared a dead person for this afterlife by embalming the body and wrapping it in linens, a process known as mummification.


A brilliant day was had by all. Well done Egyptian Explorers!

Ashmolean Museum

Egyptian day 6th October 2022 


Every year the Year 4 classes look forward to Egyptian day in great anticipation. Over the course of the day, the children participate in a number of activities that bring what they have been learning in topic lessons to life! 


All the children dressed up in their Egyptian themed costumes and some even had a traditional Egyptian lunch too!


Stuart, from Portals from the Past, organised a range of activities for the children including dramatisation of some of the well known Egyptian tales, mummification, games and a quiz.





Art and DT


Autumn 1


This term, the children have been recreating Ancient Egyptian art and traditional patterns. They then used these to create their very own Egyptian portraits by using a side profile of themselves and adapting this to include the patterns using oil pastels. Its awesome fun!


Following that, the children created their very own canopic jars by upcycling a pringles cube. What better container is there for an organ or two!

Egyptian Portraits

Canopic jars

Autumn 2 - Torches


Over the course of the first half term, the children will learn all about electricity in Science. They developed their skills to make circuits using a number of components. To build on this, their DT project for Autumn 2 was to research, design and make a torch using a simple circuit containing a bulb, battery and switch made from split pins and a paper clip. These torches were based on the design brief, 'To design a torch with a working circuit for an explore a pharaoh's tomb.'

Egyptian Torches