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Welcome to Tylers Green Middle School

I am delighted to be the headteacher here at Tylers Green Middle School and am very proud of the reputation of this wonderful school. TGMS is a very inspiring place both to work and learn, and is very successful because, I believe, we have high expectations which are consistent across the entire school, and secondly we have enthusiastic pupils who love learning.  Importantly, my view of the school is backed up by what others say about TGMS, our pupils, our parents, our governors and the wider community.



In November 2019, our Ofsted inspector was very complimentary about the school and stated that we continue to be a Good school. ‘The TGMS Way’ was acknowledged, as was the importance of the bear. We are especially proud of the behaviour at our school.

‘Pupils are polite, courteous and kind to one another. They play and learn together well. Parents agree, with one parent commenting: ‘Behaviour is impeccable.’ (Ofsted 2019)


As a ‘Compass for Life’ school, we encourage everyone to strive to achieve their ambitions, providing a framework and common vocabulary that empowers each person to take responsibility for their own learning. We inspire our pupils to take their intellectual curiosity with them as they move through our school and onwards towards their secondary education. We place wellbeing at the heart of everything that we do for both pupils and staff. Through the provision of excellent nurturing and support, we encourage every pupil to embrace the TGMS core values - “Be yourself, be anything, we are the future”.      


The school’s staff and governors are committed to delivering the very best educational experience which we can, and we welcome and encourage the support of parents in delivering this to the children of TGMS.  High academic standards and high aspirations are fundamental to achieving our goals. By providing rich and varied range of experiences, both inside and outside of the classroom, we allow pupils to discover new skills and talents as well as deepen and master existing ones.  Whether it is in the classroom, on the sports field, the stage or within our community, I want the pupils of TGMS to shine brightly and be proud to be part of our school.
We look forward to welcoming your child, as well as your family, to our school community. The education and development of your child, I believe, flourishes best of all when it is based on a happy and successful partnership. I very much look forward to working in partnership with you.


Mrs Vanessa Pinkney