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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Please see here for the latest Year 5 updates and recent events. All letters for this year group can be found at the link below.

Anglo Saxon Day


The Year 5 pupils took part in Anglo-Saxon crafts and skills, including candle making and rune casting. They also completed warrior training, which was taken very seriously all round! The day was finished off with an archaeology experience when the children had the opportunity to explore artefacts and learn from them. Have a look at the wonderful opportunities they children had!

Anglo Saxon Day

5K visit Royal Grammar School for Enrichment Day 


On Thursday 21st November, 5K participated in the Curriculum Enrichment Carousel at the Royal Grammar School. The day began in the Modern Foreign Languages Department where we learnt how to tell people whether we liked or disliked a variety of Spanish food. “Me gusta Espanol!”


We then visited the Science Department and learnt how to use a microscope to look at Daphnia. We then viewed our own DNA!


The day ended in the Art Department where we found out about the graphical style, patterns and colours of the artist, Nikki Farquharson. We then produced some artwork of our own, which we took home with us.


The day was a great experience and gave the children a taster of what life at a secondary school is like.