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External Clubs - Summer Term

External Clubs - Spring 2024

Internal Clubs Summer 2024

These clubs will start from Monday 29th April and run until Friday 19th July. Successful applications will be confirmed via email after the forms have been processed.  


Y3-4 Mindfulness Club in Rainbow room: Monday 1.15-1.45pm 

Y3-6 Chill Club in 5OD: Monday 1.15-1.45pm 

Y3-6 MyMaths in IT Suite: Tuesday 1.15-1.45pm (drop-in session, no application needed)

Y3-6 Time Table Rock Stars in ICT Suite (Invitation only)

Y3-6 Choir in music room: Tuesday 12.45-1.15pm

Y3-4 Netball: Tuesday:3.20-4.20pm

Y5-6 Cricket (Invitation only) 12.45-1.45pm 

Y5-6 Newspaper Club in ICT Suite: Wednesday 12.45-1.45pm

Y4    Recorder Karate in music room: Wednesday 1.15-1.40pm

Y3-4 Code Club in ICT Suite: Thursday 12.45-1.15pm

Y5-6 Ultimate Frisbee:Thursday 3.20-4.20pm

Y6    Magazine Club: in the ICT Suite: Friday 12.45-1.15pm

Y3-6 Rubiks Club: in the Block: Friday 12.45-1.15pm

External Clubs Summer 2024

Y3-6 Gymnastics (Complete Sports): Monday before school

Y5-6 Dodgeball (Complete Sports): Monday after school

Y3-4 Dodgeball (Complete Sports): Tuesday after school

Y3-6 First Soccer: Tuesday after school

Y3-6 Street Dance & Cheerleading: Thursday after school

Y3-4 Kickboxing (Little Samurai): Friday before school

Y3-6 Basketball (complete Sports) Friday after school