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School Travel Plan

Our School Travel Plan (STP) was developed by the whole school community, to promote and facilitate sustainable travel for the school journey. Our STP sets out practical initiatives and measures to encourage active, healthy, safe and sustainable travel as an alternative to single-occupancy car use. It aims to enhance the environment for the local community.


We are pleased to announce that as of February 2023, we have achieved Bronze Accreditation as a school. We are looking forward to continuing our positive work with the pupils and parents to ain next for Silver.


Inspired by Road Safety Week 2022, the children worked together to write a song about staying safe on the roads around school and promoting active travel.  We then recorded all our classes singing the song and have had it professionally mixed to share with everybody.  This is Street Smart- we hope you enjoy it!

TGMS Street Smart Song 22-23

The idea behind our Walking Bubble is to create a voluntary car-free zone around our school to encourage everyone who can to 'Get Active' on their journey to and from school. The Bubble should also encourage families that have to travel by car to park at least 5 minutes away from school, creating a safer space for walking, cycling and scooting. Having these restrictions also reduces the number of cars parked on pavements outside and close to our school gates, which is one of the main concerns that parents have when walking to school. Reducing vehicles and creating more space will also make feel it safer around school gates. Please support us by using the 5-Minute Walking Bubble.