School Logo

Vision and Values

Be yourself, be anything, we are the future


Our children love learning:

We aim to be a school with excellent pupil attainment rates, above local and national levels.

Connected to our community:

We aim to be recognised within the local community as an outward-facing hub of excellence, with  oversubscribed pupils whilst recognising our moral  duty as an exceptional school to have wider impact  on children's lives beyond Tylers Green.

Prepared for tomorrow's world:

We will develop our pupils as global citizens who understand the wider world and their place in it. 

Feeling included, safe and happy:

Our philosophy for effective teaching and learning is it must be a rewarding and enjoyable experience,  inclusive and safe for our learners at all times.

A great place to work:

We aim to attract, develop and retain the most talented staff, capable of delivering our ambitious curriculum whilst providing a supportive working culture focused on well-being and areas that truly benefit our pupils.


Our School Values

Our approach is underpinned by a sense of moral purpose and commitment to doing what is right for children, supporting colleagues to achieve excellence and acting with integrity in all our dealings within and beyond the organisation. We want our pupils to develop a growth mindset to pursue their current and future ambitions with determination and deliberation - they are the future, after all.  


Our pupils and staff summarise this ethos as Be yourself, be anything, we are the future. This ethos underpins our core values:


Respect: be respectful of each other, be respectful of the environment


Believe: be confident to take risks, be resilient


Share: be willing to share our knowledge, be willing to work together


Pride: be proud of who we are, be proud of what we achieve


Enjoy: be creative and have fun, be kind to those around us