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TGMS 50th Anniversary

Great Outdoor Learning Den design plans

2018 marked the 50th Birthday of TGMS! 


TGMS celebrated 50 years of educating children from our village and surrounding areas. In order to celebrate this auspicious occasion, the school engaged pupils, staff, parents and the local community in a series of special events during the summer. We reached out to as many as possible - current or past pupils and parents, ex-members of staff or Governing body, or members of our extended local community who came along and celebrated with us! In addition, pupils enjoyed a number of events designed to celebrate 50 years of our lovely school and created some specific legacies, such as the GOLD Garden and a whole school art project. 


We felt such a milestone deserved to be celebrated and so put together a selection of events to mark the occasion. Through these events we specifically fundraised to enhance our children’s learning environment. We re-developed the area where the chickens resided into an outdoor learning environment and also provided access from the school hall through the addition of new fire doors. This area was called the Great Outdoor Learning Den (GOLD for short) and is a lasting legacy of the 50th celebrations. Children had a big role to play in the designing of this area and we incorporated each year groups designs and ideas into the garden. Please see the photos below which illustrate the transformation. 


Celebrations also included an Open Afternoon and 50th Anniversary Ceremony, which was held at the school on Friday 21st September 2018. The Rt Hon Lord Howe came along to open the garden. 


The whole school art project resulted in our wonderful mosaic which was designed in collaboration with the children and we worked with a local artist, Suzanne Wright. The finished piece of art is now proudly situated at the front to of the school building.



Mrs V Pinkney




The development of the GOLD Garden