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Sports Reports

Tag Rugby District Cup


The children wrote a report of their day out at the Tag Rugby District Tournament:


On Monday the 18th of November, the TGMS Tag Rugby team went up to John Hampden to compete in a Tag Rugby tournament. There were 4 teams taking part and everyone played each other twice. 


Our first match was against St Theresa’s. It all started when the referee asked one of our players to do rock, paper, scissors to decide who started. Carlo was picked to do the job and won. The whistle blew and Carlo passed the ball to Hugo who sprinted to the corner of the try line and got us a point! Next, they had the ball but couldn’t break through our strong defence line because of multiple players in our team doing amazing tackles, especially one that Hugo made. They kept on advancing until they finally found a way through that lead to a point. 1-1. there was more points given to each team which finally came to a result as 3-3. We think that we should have won 5-3 but 2 of our points were disallowed.


Our second game was against Ash Hill School and we won 5-2 thanks to some amazing play from Carlo when he skilled out their entire team to get us a point. He was spinning and dodging their hands.  


The third game we played was against Disraeli School this game was the hardest yet but we still managed to pull off a 5-3 victory thanks to some extraordinary running down the wing by Amber. At this point we had hope of maybe winning the tournament.


Our fourth game was against St Theresa’s. This game was a very easy one as we won 6-2. In this game Marcel played particularly well running across the wings a lot and one of his best moves was when he fooled the opposition by going to the right and then quickly sprinted down the left and got us a point. The fifth match was against Ash Hill School and was our best victory in the whole tournament, 7-2. We think that this was our biggest win because we always played as a team. 


Our final game was against Disraeli School and was our most challenging and intense game. We won 4-3 thanks to Adam, with a last second sprint to the corner of the try line to get us the point and the win.


We won the tournament because of some phenomenal coaching from Mr Shillito, at the end of the game we gave him three huge cheers!

Yoga Classes


This term we have used our PE premium funding to introduce our pupils to a new and alternative sporting activity, Yoga! The principle behind this was to improve the pupil's core strength and provide a different experience for all. This has been thoroughly enjoyed by our pupils and we hope to build on this success with further opportunities in the future! 

Tennis County Finals July 2019


Selected children from all year groups entered the Buckinghamshire County Finals in July 2019. Year 5 and 6 performed extremely well on the day and competed against other schools, coming third overall. Our outstanding Year 3 and 4 team proudly won the County Tournament! Congratulations to all those pupils involved and thank you to the adults who were able to support our pupils on attending this event. 



Year 5 represented the school on Monday 23rd April. They came a very respectable 4th across all the schools in Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes and won the Fair Play Award for the school!