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Our School Curriculum

The staff and governors at Tylers Green Middle School believe that our pupils deserve a fulfilling curriculum that inspires and motivates their learning in practical, informative and engaging material. We offer a broad curriculum offer of all National Curriculum subjects and cover these objectives through a wide range of topic matter. Each Year group focus their learning through a series of topics over the academic year which may last a half term or a term.

Reading is at the heart of our curriculum. High quality language is developed through reading of high quality texts, our pupils are encouraged to read for enjoyment and pleasure as well as for information and understanding. We believe that using language and vocabulary derived from reading will support our pupils understanding and engagement with the topics they cover. The breadth of study in History, Geography, Design, Religious Education and the Arts are linked into the topics of the texts read in English and Guided Reading to support our pupils’ understanding. Pupils are encouraged to take chances and challenge themselves across the subjects, we have developed a progressive skill based curriculum to promote challenge and build on prior knowledge year on year.

In addition to our school curriculum we offer the pupils further opportunities for sport, music and pupils’ wellbeing through our extracurricular program that runs throughout the year, supporting the pupils’ learning outside of the regular school day.

By the time our pupils leave Tylers Green Middle School our aim is for them to be highly engaged with their learning, developing their interests across the breadth of the curriculum supported by a wide range of practical skills that they can use as they transition through their time in education, across the curriculum. Our pupils leave Tylers Green as naturally curious, confident and mature pupils who have a desire to learn, a dedication to their learning and the ability to use their vocabulary to deduce, summarise, clarify, innovate, explain and justify themselves verbally and in their written work. Essentially, we aim for every pupil to fulfil their potential.