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Meet the Governors

Tylers Green Middle School (TGMS) has fourteen appointed, elected and co-opted governors all of whom have a strong link with the village.  Each member has a term of office of four years and brings a diverse range of knowledge, skills and experience to the leadership of the school.  The TGMS vision – inspiration is at the heart of our community – was generated in conjunction with the staff team and reflects the quality and breadth of education and other curriculum opportunities desired for every child in the community.  Governors support the school in evaluating current performance, challenging the leadership team to deliver further improvements and ensuring that the finances and statutory requirements are met.


The full governing body (FGB) meets at least once a term.  A Bucks Learning Trust clerk takes minutes which are displayed in the school entrance hall.  At these meetings the team will review, debate and approve the strategic issues outlined in the headteacher’s report, the School Development Plan, committee minutes and policies.  The team will also spend time reviewing reports from visiting governors, feedback surveys (pupil, parent, staff and governor) and specific items such as training, SEN provision and Pupil Premium effectiveness.


TGMS governors use three main committees to deliver the school vision and objectives and to ensure all statutory business, such as budgets and policies, can be properly discussed. Each meets once a term:


Teaching and Learning – focuses on the achievement and progress made by every pupil.  This team regularly visits the school to meet with subject co-ordinators and to review the curriculum, marking and assessment and future training and developments.


Personnel, Pastoral and Admissions – focuses on the people who come to TGMS, both in terms of recruiting and retaining excellent teachers, the admissions policy for children and also the pastoral care, including the behaviour, discipline and safety, of everyone.


Resources – this committee is focused on ensuring the school and pupils have everything needed to deliver an inspiring curriculum and excellent pupil achievement.  This includes current and future budget planning, premises management and health and safety compliance.


In addition the Pay Review Committee meets annually following the staff performance management reviews.


All governors are expected to join at least one of our committees and to take on a named governor role.  A summary of current commitments is attached. In addition, all governors agree to abide by a Code of Conduct (attached below) which provides specific details on the commitments and responsibilities of governors at TGMS.


If you would like more information on becoming a governor at Tylers Green Middle School the current Chair can be contacted via the School office or by email: governors@tylersgreenmiddle.co.ukAlternatively, for more general information about school governors, you can call Bucks Learning Trust on 01296-383180 or email : govhelp@learningtrust.net.


Full Governing Body as at October 2017

Co-Opted Governors (Appointed by the FGB)

Co-Opted Governors (Appointed by the FGB) 1 Mrs Tammy Ahmad, Performance Management
Co-Opted Governors (Appointed by the FGB) 2 Mr Owen Brangwin, Chair of Governors
Co-Opted Governors (Appointed by the FGB) 3 Mr David Compton, Deputy Head Teacher
Co-Opted Governors (Appointed by the FGB) 4 Mrs Jacqueline Davies, Yr 3 link
Co-Opted Governors (Appointed by the FGB) 5 Mr Jamie Holderness, ICT/Computing
Co-Opted Governors (Appointed by the FGB) 6 Mr James Piggin, Health & Safety
Co-Opted Governors (Appointed by the FGB) 7 Mrs Jane Tichbon, Co Vice-Chair

Local Authority Co Vice-Chair (Appointed by Buckinghamshire County Council)

Parent Governors (Elected by the Parents and Carers)

Parent Governors (Elected by the Parents and Carers) 1 Mrs Gabby Shirley

Staff Governor (Elected by the School Teaching and Support Staff)

Staff Governor (Elected by the School Teaching and Support Staff) 1 Mrs Lyn Mellor, Class Teacher
Staff Governor (Elected by the School Teaching and Support Staff) 2 Mrs Vanessa Pinkney, Headteacher